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Beauty, Body and Balance is Stockton’s has you covered for all your beauty, well being and massage needs. We offer a professional, friendly and welcoming environment. The team at Beauty, Body and Balance are experts in their fields and know exactly how to make you feel revived and refreshed. Together we assess, treat and educate our clients, striving to achieve the complete Beauty, Body and Balance experience. 

Beauty Therapy & Massage Modalities - Beauty, Body & Balance
About Beauty, Body & Balance - Beauty Therapy & Massage Modalities

Jessica Plooy

Previous to building Beauty, Body and Balance in the main street of Stockton, Jessica was given a golden opportunity to build on her experience with sister in law Jenna. For Jess and Steven, It was an absolute must to run a business in Stockton as Jess and her family grew up there. Jessica is a diploma qualified Beauty therapist with over ten years’ experience in all aspects of the beauty therapy industry. Over the years she has cemented her reputation as a caring, thorough and results driven therapist. Always eager to update her knowledge and add to her repertoire, she has excelled in many areas of beauty therapy.

The many treatments that Jess performs on a daily basis include: relaxation massage, aromatherapy massage, waxing, skin treatments (this category is especially extensive), manicures, pedicures, tanning, lash lift and may more!!

Steven Bowden

Steven is a diploma qualified Remedial therapist with over ten years’ experience as a massage and health professional. Over the years Steven has worked and studied in a variety of areas in this industry, gaining training and advanced knowledge in many modalities involved in remedial therapies. With a passion for what he does, he is driven to get results for his clients, helping them to reclaim their body from injury, pain and disfunction. His approach to treatment is a many faceted view of the connection between body and mind, working with the client on both a physical and mental level to bring about the change necessary for his clients, enabling them to reach the goals or outcome they want.

About Beauty, Body & Balance - Beauty Therapy & Massage Modalities