The 10 most popular Massage therapies in Australia (and how to choose one)

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If you have ever tried booking a massage, you may have noticed there are many massage styles to choose from. It can be confusing, not to mention a bit of a let-down if it wasn’t the right kind of massage for you. Some-times there can be a broad gap between, what the client expects and what the therapist can deliver. That alone, can put you off getting a massage when it’s really needed. When maybe, it was just the wrong style of massage, or the therapist, that didn’t suit you at the time?

Massage, Massage Everywhere, but which one for me?

My best advice is to do a bit of research, or better still call the practitioner and ask if they can help with the problem you have, or outcome you want. And, depending on the reason you want a massage, there are some therapies that are better than others for you. Once you know what you’re looking for from a massage, it’s easy to pick a type.

As I say to my clients “Listen to your body!” If you have no underlying medical issues for which you are seeking massage. Ask yourself…. Are you stressed? Recovering from surgery? Have a health problem or chronic condition? Looking to recover from injury? Or just want to stop, relax and reset? In this day and age, there’s a modality to suit just about anyone.

Still not sure? Have a look below at the 10 most popular massage therapies in Australia.

N.B.– Please remember that if you are under any type of medical care, or taking prescription medication, seek advice BEFORE having any type of massage therapy. Following are basic descriptions, the scope and benefits of these modalities are often greater than outlined here.

Pregnancy: This is used to help “prep” the body for childbirth, increase the “mother-Baby” bond, reduce stress, swelling, muscle and joint pain that sometimes appear during pregnancy. A highly recommended modality for expectant Mums on so many levels. As well as a great point of referral if Mum is doing it a bit tuff.

Remedial: This is used to treat, and effect change in damaged or painful muscles, tendons, ligaments or connective tissues. Techniques include: P.I.R and M.E.T (both assisted and resisted stretching techniques), Frictions, Deep transverse frictions, trigger-point, Deep muscle and myofascial release techniques that benefit circulation and range of motion. This Massage aids the body’s healing and helps to restore function.

Sports: Developed to help athletes in training, sports massage increases flexibility, range of motion and prevents injuries. The therapist usually works with the athlete before and after events, assisting with pre and post event massage plans, aids in recovery time and it is also used after an injury or strain, so scar tissue is better aligned.

Swedish: The top layers of muscles are kneaded with soft, long strokes, or the muscles are hit or tapped in a rhythmic fashion. A deeply relaxing massage. This can relieve muscle tension and may help after an injury.

Neuromuscular therapy: Problem areas are manipulated to treat chronic pain, tender muscles, circulation, trapped nerves, problems with posture or injuries caused by repetitive movements.

Deep tissue: Slow strokes, frictions and kneading are used to put pressure on muscles or tendons deep under the skin. This helps with specific trouble spots such as muscle injuries or back sprains.

Thai massage: The Thai technique is a more active and dynamic approach to massage. Inspired by yoga (among other disciplines), this method provides several benefits: reduces stress, tones muscles, increases flexibility and relieves tension. Movements combine kneading, with pressure and stretching.

Shiatsu: Pressure is applied with the fingers (shiatsu means “finger pressure”) thumbs, feet and palms; assisted stretching; and joint manipulation and mobilization. To examine a patient, a shiatsu practitioner uses palpation and, sometimes, pulse diagnosis.  to specific parts of the body called acupressure points.

Reflexology: The therapist uses hands, fingers and thumbs to stimulate certain reflex points on the feet. Each of these corresponds with an organ or part of your body. Helps to reduce blockages in the affected areas and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.

Hot stone: The therapist places warm stones on certain parts of the body to soothe and relax muscles. The penetrating heat can also be used to release trigger-points and aid healing. While offering a deeply warming and relaxing massage.

What we do

As the Remedial Massage Therapist at Beauty Body and Balance, I encounter a variety of health conditions each day. As a result, I like to have a broad skill set in order to help my clients as best I can. Since attaining my diploma in 2004, I have continually attended various courses, workshops and seminars. Picking the brains of all the brilliant teachers I have been so lucky to meet. (You know who you are).

So, to date as a Remedial therapist I can offer: Relaxation, Trigger-point, Lymphatic, Reflexology, Sports and Pregnancy massage. Chronic disease massage, Myofascial release, Hot cupping, Have a Masters in Reiki/Seichim energy therapy.  And a practitioner of Samvahan vibrational therapy.

With the added benefit of Jessica, a diploma qualified beauty therapist offering Swedish and relaxation massage treatments. Another “niche” if you will, for Jessica is her focused area treatments. Her massage, pedicure/manicure treatments are not just for looks. They target those areas of the body we use the most, improve circulation and elevate muscle tension and pain. Ask anyone who has received a proper hand or foot massage, it can feel like the WHOLE body has been massaged. 

No matter if you are starting your massage journey or a seasoned pro. We would love to help in any way we can. Find us on face book or book on-line:



Steven Bowden Dip Mass

The 10 most popular Massage therapies in Australia (and how to choose one) -

About the Author: Steven is a diploma qualified Remedial massage therapist with over 15 years’ experience in the field of Remedial Massage. Employing “multiple” modalities in his practice and tailoring each treatment to the client’s needs at the time.  “Its about working with the Client and their Body, to help it heal, recover or reach those goals you set”. Steven works with his partner and diploma qualified Beauty Therapist Jessica. Together they serve the community of Stockton and its surrounds from their clinic, Beauty Body & Balance, 45 Mitchell st, Stockton, Newcastle.